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Philippines: Bill introduced to penalize laser assaults

A bill has been introduced into the Philippines Senate to penalize laser assault on persons. The primary intent of the bill is to punish persons aiming at aircraft, but it also applies to any distraction, annoyance or attack on a person.

Senate Bill 2888 was introduced by Antonio "Sonny" Trillanes IV, as a result of laser illuminations on aircraft at Manila International Airport.

The Manila Bulletin reports the bill's provisions as follows:
  • “Any person who uses a laser pointer, pen or similar device to distract, annoy or attack another person” faces prison terms of from three to six months, or a fine ranging from P10,000 to P100,000.
  • When the attack results to damage or destruction of property, the penalty shall be three times the value of the damaged property and imprisonment of six months to one year.
  • When the person attacked suffers from temporary or permanent disability or injury of any kind, the penalty shall be imprisonment from one year to three years.
  • When the person attacked is operating a motor vehicle, the penalty shall be four years to eight years.
  • When the person is operating an airplane or helicopter or a ship at sea, the penalty will be imprisonment ranging from eight to ten years.
From the Manila Bulletin