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Index to news stories (categories and tags)

At LaserPointerSafety.com we have three pages with news items:
We also have a page that lists convictions of persons who aimed lasers at aircraft or other vehicles:
On each of these four pages, every item is indexed under at least one category and one tag. This lets you find all related items on that page.

Example category and tag searches

Here are some examples of category and tag searches, with the number of items found as of July 30 2020:

How to find categories and tags on a page

The categories and tags are listed on the right side of the three news pages and the "Sentences for laser offenses" page. Scroll down to see the Categories, Archives and Tags. In the diagram below, Categories are circled in green while Tags are circled in blue.

How to find news stories 2016 450w

Quick way to find all categories and tags

The lists below were last updated July 30 2020.
Note: The LaserPointerSafety.com news pages are not a complete database or record of all laser pointer incidents. However, the news items can give details about incidents as well as links to additional information sources.