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How to reduce incidents

Everyone involved with lasers -- users, sellers, pros, pilots, airlines and regulators -- can help reduce the number and severity of laser pointer incidents. In our opinion, no single change will be a “magic solution.” Therefore, we have listed a number of recommendations for various interested groups. Click on the links below for more details.

  • For laser pointer users: Don’t point at aircraft or vehicles. Don’t annoy people. Tell your friends and associates. Don’t aim at “stars”, circle them instead. Don’t buy a laser pointer more powerful than you really need for outdoor use.

  • For laser pointer sellers: Include a “Caution” sheet with every order. Put a permanent label warning against aiming at aircraft, on every laser pointer above 5 mW. Help form a trade association for laser pointer manufacturers, distributors and sellers. Get involved in regulations and SAE G-10T.

  • For pilots: Learn how to recognize and recover from an incident. Do not panic. Report an incident. Seek qualified eye care if needed.

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This diagram shows various ways to help reduce laser pointer incidents. Click to enlarge.