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UK: Low-cost laser event recorder is an iPhone app

A U.K. researcher has developed a laser event recorder which can run on an iPhone, iPad, smartphone, or pilot Electronic Flight Bag. The “LERapp” records laser or bright light events; each record includes a picture of the event, the GPS location, heading, date, time and laser parameters such as color and estimated irradiance.

LERapp-screenshot 300w

LERapp works by analyzing live video to find areas where the brightness exceeds a user-set threshold. When detected, a picture is stored along with the other data. It has been tested outdoors against green, red and near-IR lasers during both day and night. It captured exposures as low as 0.01 microwatt/cm2 and as high as 1000 microwatt/cm2.

A 180 degree field of view is possible with add-on fisheye lenses. Storage is not a problem -- tens of thousands of images can be stored on an iPhone.

LERapp was developed by Dr. Craig Williamson of the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory in Sallisbury, U.K. It was presented in March 2013 at the International Laser Safety Conference. The app is not commercially available as of March 2013. A U.K. technology transfer company, Ploughshare Innovations, is looking for persons or companies to commercially develop this as a standard app for Apple devices as well as other smartphones and EFB’s.

From “A Laser Event Recorder Smartphone App”, Proceedings of the 2013 International Laser Safety Conference, pages 350-356. If you are interested in this app and/or its commercialization, here is the contact information:

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