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UK: 3 arrested for aiming laser at -- ducks?

Three fishermen were arrested March 7 2009 in Reading, West Berkshire, for having laser pointers while night fishing. The men said they used the pens to frighten ducks away from their hooks. Police said they were arrested on suspicion of endangering aircraft a few weeks earlier. The men had fingerprints and DNA samples taken. One was released after two hours, the other two men were held at the station for ten hours. No charges were brought against the men.
One of the men, 57-year-old Martin Kailus was quoted by The Telegraph as saying “Quite a few people have them around here and use them for fishing. We are adults and only loons would shine them at planes. His friend Mick Radomski, 53, said “I am not a terrorist and I object to having all my DNA details and fingerprints on a police database.”

The fishing site is about 15 miles from Heathrow Airport (which is to the right of M25 in the map above) and is underneath a flight path. From press reports, it does not appear that there were any aircraft reporting lasers on the evening of the arrest, or in the days immediately preceding. However, a spokesman for the Southgate Angling Society did say they had reports of laser pen misuse by fishermen, when beams were aimed at people and homes. The Society withdrew Kalius’ membership due to “bringing the club into disrepute”.

From The Telegraph and The Sun