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The News menu contains three webpages with selected news stories related to laser pointers and consumer use of lasers. To see these stories, go to these News pages:

  • Aviation-related News: Individual incidents, arrests, sentences, etc. having to do with aircraft and pilots

  • All other laser pointer News: Includes statistics about number of incidents, new regulations and laws, safety warnings and publications, and the occasional odd or fun item.

Also, there is a page listing major changes, updates, additions etc. to LaserPointerSafety.com:

Additional pages in the News menu may cover specific news topics in depth, such as our commentary on a January 2011 New York Times article, and our discussion of a February 2012 hockey game in Massachusetts.

Looking for a specific topic or story?

To find a specific topic or news story, first go to the News page (Aviation incidents, Non-aviation incidents, or Statistics, laws, all other news) where your topic or story might appear.

Then, scroll down to the News Index on the right side. As the screenshot below shows, there are News Index sections for General categories, the Year of posting and Specific subject tags. Every news story is indexed under at least one Category and at least one Tag. Click on the link to see all stories with the same Category, Year, or Tag.

How to find news stories 2016 450w

A selective list

News stories listed by LaserPointerSafety.com are not comprehensive. While we try to include the most important stories, it is impossible for us to list every laser pointer incident that has appeared in the press.