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Aviation information

This section has pages with information about laser pointer safety as it relates to aircraft, pilots and aviation:

Laser hazards to aviation - A quick overview of what is -- and is NOT -- a problem for pilots

Basic principles of laser beam hazards for aviation - A discussion of principles that are important to understand about laser beam hazards. Some of these principles are counterintuitive.

Laser hazard distances chart — How far away a beam can be an eye injury hazard, or a visual interference hazard, or a skin burn hazard, or a materials burn hazard — for selected consumer lasers.

Video from FAA & Air Force, summarizing laser hazards for aviation

Tips and training for pilots

Protective eyewear for pilots

More protective eyewear info

How to safely simulate a laser strike

Info & studies from FAA etc. …

Latest aviation incident statistics - Links to articles about the number and type of laser/aviation incidents, in the U.S. and elsewhere

Past FAA incident statistics …

To find incident reports