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US: Texas police helicopter returns to scene of lasing, gets lased again; teen arrested

On October 23 2013, a Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter saw a laser beam targeting the aircraft as it flew near Odessa. Officers on the ground did not find him, so the next night, the helicopter flew over the same area at the same time. A laser was again pointed at them.

Officers on the ground found a teenage suspect who admitted pointing the laser at the helicopter. They arrested Joey Martin, 19, and charged him with illumination of aircraft by intense light.

From NewsWest9.com

Commentary from LaserPointerSafety.com: This is the second story in October 2013 where law enforcement flew special helicopter missions to draw out a laser perpetrator. The other case involved a complex, multi-agency supervision of a suspect in Portland, Oregon. This could be a coincidence -- such missions probably have been flown in the past. But it may also indicate that law enforcement is becoming more proactive and determined to locate and arrest perpetrators.