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US: UPDATED - Clark Gable's grandson arrested for laser illumination of LAPD helicopter

Clark Gable III was arrested for aiming a green laser at a Los Angeles Police Department helicopter on July 28 2011. The 22*-year-old was driving through Hollywood at the time. He told police that he tried to point at the famed Hollywood sign, but missed.

According to police spokeswoman Sara Faden, the LAPD helicopter pilots observed “a green laser light shining on them and at that time they requested additional ground units to come to the scene. They observed a vehicle with two occupants and they found the laser that was shined on the airship and they were both taken into custody."
Gable was arrested at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and La Brea Avenue. He was later charged with discharging a laser, which is a felony. Bail was set at $60,000 [later news accounts put this figure at $250,000].

The aspiring reality TV star is the grandson of actor Clark Gable, star of Gone With the Wind and 66 other theatrical motion pictures.

From KTLA, the Los Angeles Times, and SheKnows
*Note: KTLA lists Gable’s age as 23, the Los Angeles Times and other sources state he is 22. Also, sources differ regarding who was driving the car at the time of the lasing and the arrest.

UPDATES August 1 2011:
  • After making bail, Gable told a CBS2 reporter “it was a misunderstanding…. (The laser) was just a gift I got and people make mistakes and that’s the bottom line. I’m going to learn from it and hopefully others will.”
  • KABC quoted Gable’s sister Kaley as saying "It's not his fault. He didn't mean to do it, he's a good kid…. Laser pointers should be illegal. If they can blind a pilot flying a helicopter, then hello people, these things should be illegal."
  • CNN reports that Gable’s friend was driving the car (the friend was also arrested). Gable’s manager said the bail amount was $250,000. She also said that “He was playing with what he thought was a toy…. Obviously it wasn't intentional. Nobody knew it was a felony.”
  • The Sacramento Bee identified the friend as Maximilian Anderson, 23, and wrote that Anderson remained in jail as of one day after the arrest. Bail was set at $250,000.

UPDATE August 23 2011: Gable was charged with three felony counts of discharging a laser at an aircraft. He faces up to three years in jail. See news item here.

UPDATE December 8 2011: Gable pleaded guilty to one felony count of discharging a laser at an aircraft. In return, other counts were dropped. At sentencing January 12 2012, prosecutors are expected to ask for a 10 day jail sentence plus 200 days on a work crew. See news item here.

UPDATE, January 12 2012: Gable was sentenced to 10 days in jail plus three years probation, according to TMZ.com.