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US: Police considering laser dazzlers to "blind" suspects

A 250mW laser device is being marketed to police departments as a tool that can blind and disorient a subject “with a large modulating pool of green light”. The Dazer Laser from Laser Energetics is said to not cause permanent eye damage, at ranges from 3 to up to 8000 feet. The company says police, SWAT teams, prisons and military units worldwide are “ready to deploy them”.
There are two models; the Defender is gun-shaped while the Guardian looks like a flashlight or large laser pointer. Sales are restricted to law enforcement and military. The Dazer Laser requires a security code for activation. The company’s slogan is “Saving Lives - One Daze at a Time”.

Story on marketing to Northwest U.S. police departments from KING TV in Seattle

Dazer Laser webpage at the manufacturer’s website

Dazer Laser technical specs (250mW, 532nm green, 12 Hz rep rate, 50% duty cycle) and eye safety information is on the Laser Energetics eye
safety test webpage

YouTube video from the manufacturer, showing how it can be used by a SWAT team